Executive Coaching, Mentoring, Director Development

Now more than ever, senior executives (and non-executives) are expected to operate in a fast-changing, often highly pressured environment. They are expected to ensure that the organisation performs in line with its vision and values. They need to translate long-term strategic objectives into business plans that enable the vision to be achieved. They must be effective leaders and managers, encouraging and rewarding high performance in their employees and driving the success of the organisation. Above all, they need to exude confidence and decisiveness in an atmosphere of change, uncertainty and, sometimes, even fear.

Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Director Development can help make a difference at every level in the organisation. They can:

  • Help top level executives understand and develop the skills and behaviours required to operate effectively and drive success;
  • Close the gap between desired and actual performance with skill building and coaching that produces measurable results;
  • Help senior managers to negotiate change effectively, for themselves as individuals but also help them guide and motivate the people who report to them through the process of change;
  • Help retain key individuals who would otherwise be very expensive to replace;
  • Help newly hired or promoted leaders/managers to integrate successfully into their new role;
  • Provide a structure for succession planning;
  • Provide a structure for continuous development;
  • Send a clear message to the people within the organisation that the organisation values and supports them.

Janet Milnes is an experienced international executive coach and mentor. She has over 20 years experience in the area of human resources consulting, working with and advising both blue chip multinationals and SMEs. Her expertise covers internal consulting, executive recruitment, performance appraisal, executive development, coaching, career counselling, change management, training and development, design and implementation of new quality and productivity initiatives.

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